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Scout/Guide Section – (Age Group- 11 to 17+) 

Praveshika :-

Requirements (Period - 3 months)

  1. Knowledge of Scouting/Guiding of Hindustan Scouts & Guides Association

  2. Hindustan Scouts & Guides Prayer and lag Song.

  3. Knowledge of Scout/Guide Law & Promise.

  4. Scout/Guide Motto, Sign, Salute, Left hand shake and Emblem.

  5. Scout/Guide Uniform and how to wear it.

  6. Know the whistle and hand signals.

  7. Know the significance of Hindustan Scouts & Guides and National Flag.

  8. Learn and sing the National Anthem, Vande Matram and Sare Jahan se Achchha…..

  9. Do a good turn for 30 days and keep the record.

  10. Exercise and Yoga

  11. Learn proper way of breathing and exercise for breathing, eyes, neck, hands and shoulders

  12. Perform any 4 Aasans- Vajrasan, Padmasan, Tadasan, Shavasan.

  13. Laughing, Smiling and Silence for one hour weekly.

  14. Life of two great men of India.

NOTE:- After completion of Praveshika the Unit Leader(Scout Master/Guide Captain) will arrange the investiture for boys/girls to become a Scout/Guide.



Komal Pad

Requirement (Period 6 months)

  1. Completed the Praveshika Test.

  2. Know the Patrol system, its organization, patrol corner, flag, yell, song, voice, library, record and patrol meetings.

  3. Know about 16 directions by compass.

  4. Know the flag ceremony and its practice.

  5. Know the woodcraft signs.

  6. Learn and practice of whipping & the following knots:-

Reef knot, sheet-band, clove hitch, sheep shank, fisherman knot, thumb knot.

  1. Know the rules of health.

  2. First-Aid

  3. Knowledge about the first aid box.

  4. Triangular Bandages and their uses.

  5. Render first aid for scratches, burns, cuts, bleeding from the nose & sprains.

  6. Know the use of staff.

  7. Practice of simple drill and with staff.

  8. One day 4 k.m. Patrol hike.

  9. Make a use-ful handicraft or gadget.

  10. Participate in wide games and sense training game.

  11. Do a good turn daily for 40 days and enter in your note-book.

  12. Participate in cleanliness campaign in your locality or school for five days.

  13. Participate in all faith prayers.

  14. Exercise and Yoga ;-

  15. Exercise for chest and stomach.

  16. Perform & Practise any four Asans-dhanurasan, Garudsan, kagasan, Gorakshan, Paschimotasan, Sithilasan and perform and practice- Surya Namaskar.

  17. Know the life history of three great men and write in your note-book.

Dhruv Pad :-

Requirement (9 Months)

  1. Pioneering ( Knots and Lashing)

  2. Timber hitch, veiling, liver hitch, bowline one round and two half hitches.

  3. Sheer/parallel lashing, square lashing, figure of eight lashing, diagonal lashing.

  4. Make improvised shelter.

  5. First Aid

  6. Kinds of badges and their uses.

  7. Learn and demonstrate improvised stature and carrying methods.

  8. Throw life line for 14 meters.

  9. Render first aid for sunstroke something fall in the eyes, blister on heal &stings.

  10. Fire

  11. Lay and light a wood-fire with not more than two match sticks.

  12. Know about light of kerosene/Gas stove, its cleaning and safety precautions with leakage of gas.

  13. Putting out the fire by various methods.

  14. Cooking :- Prepare tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner for your patrol with the help of your patrol members.

  15. Estimation

  16. Self measurement (i.e. Hand, Arm, Foot and other parts of the body etc.)

  17. Estimation of width, distance & height with the help of Scout scaff or other materials.

  18. By Scout/Guide pace cross two K.M. way

  19. Direction and basic knowledge of map

  20. Be able to find out the North direction at night time with the help of stars.

  21. Be able to identify the direction by conventional methods and by watch.

  22. Signaling :- Know and demonstrate the signaling of MAMOMA Semaphore MORSE (by flag)

  23. Participate in a 10 K.M. hike for nature study and write in your note-book.

  24. Complete any two projects from the following and write in your note-book :-

  25. Render social service in a Mela. Holly place, Hospital, Bus-stand/Railway station etc. for 12 hours.

  26. Participate in cleanliness campaign at least 12 hours.

  27. Help in solving the pollution problems in your school or locality.

  28. Study and collection with illustration of our culture or locality and heritage.

  29. Undertake a development project in your school, locality with your patrol with permission from the head of institution/local authorities and adopt a park/holly place/village/slum/water spot/public place to maintain the same for one month and educate the users of its importance and maintaining the same.

  30. Exercise and Yoga

  31. Scouts exercise

  32. What is Sat Karm. Know about Kunjal.

  33. Exercise of legs and hands.

  34. Perform and practice any 4 Yogasan- Katichakrasan, Pawan Muktasan, Bhujangasan, Makarasan, Shavasan.

  35. Anulam-Vilompranayam.

  36. Participate in a all faith prayer programme.

  37. Earn any 3 proficiency badges

  38. Cook

  39. Friend to animal

  40. Debater

  41. Community Singer

  42. Gardener

  43. Home Service (Guide)

  44. Cyclist

  45. Rangoli (Guide)

  46. Toymaker

  47. Athlete

  48. Swimmer

  49. Reader

Guru Pad :- Requirement (12 Months)

  1. Eligibility- Dhruv Pad qualified.

  2. First-Aid

  3. Know and demonstrate about artificial respiration.

  4. Know the main parts of the human body

  5. Deal with simple fracture of collar bone, leg, arm and jaw.

  6. Know the pressure point and how stop its bleeding.

  7. Render first aid for shock, fainting, electric shock and choking.

  8. Camp Crafts and Pioneering

  9. Revision of lashings.

  10. Tie and practice- Draw hitch, liver hitch, man harness knot, chair knot, bowline on the bite.

  11. Know the tools of camp and their uses.

  12. Pitching, string and packing a tent or improvise shelter.

  13. Learn and make any two patrol pioneering project with your patrol

  14. Two rope bridge

  15. Ladder bridge

  16. Monkey bridge

  17. Suspension bridge

  18. Swinging derrick

  19. Signaling tower

  20. Signaling :- Practice of sending & receiving message containing at least 30 words through Morse/Mamoma/Semaphore (in Hindi or English).

  21. Estimation:- Know and practice of different estimation methods of width, length and height etc. not more than 30 mtrs. And for weight not more than 2 K.G..

  22. Mapping :-

  23. Making and reading of Map

  24. Making Route map.

  25. Know the concessional signs of map.

  26. Be able to read a tourist or survey of India map etc.

  27. Hike :-

  28. Participate in a cycle hike for 30 K.M. or a hike on foot for 10 K.M. with your patrol (for Scout).

  29. Participate in a cycle hike for 20 K.M. or a hike on foot for 8 K.M. with your patrol (for Guide).

  30. Camp :- Participate in three nights camp and write its reports in your note-book.

  31. Earn any 3 proficiency badges not earn earlier :-

  32. Citizen

  33. Camper

  34. Yoga

  35. Entertainer

  36. Climber

  37. Hiking

  38. Path finder

  39. Folk dancer

  40. Computer Awareness

  41. Pioneer

  42. Exercise and Yoga :-

  43. Perform and practice these asans- Konasan, Uttanpad asan, Shalabhasan, Sarvongasan, Supt Vajrasan and Shavasan

  44. Pranayam :- Sheetali or Nadi Shodhan.

  45. Participate in all faith Meditation

  46. Learn repair Hand pump, taps, Gas stove, kerosene stove, caning, chair/coat.


Rajya Puraskar :-

Requirement (6 Months)

  1. Eligibility- Guru Pad

  2. Participate in 3 day Pradeshik Puraskar test camp which will be organized by State.

  3. Undertake and render social service on any place for 12 hours and write in your log i.e. Holly place, village, slum, colony, mela, religion procession, hospital, railway station and bus-stand.

  4. Take a project on any one from the following and note in your log-book:-

  5. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

  6. Environment

  7. Sanitation

  8. Exercise and Yoga :- Test of Dhruv Pad Yoga and Exercise.

  9. Qualify any 4 proficiency badges

  10. Social worker

  11. Leprosy control

  12. Literacy

  13. Environment protector

  14. Village worker

  15. Yoga

  16. Games Leader

  17. Secretary

  18. Child nurse (Guide)

  19. Tailor

  20. Sanitation promoter

  21. Population educator

  22. Nutrition educator

  23. Electrician


  1. Examiner for proficiency badges be appointed by State Headquarters, Distt. Headquarters, appoint the examiner with the consent of State Trg. Commissioner.

  2. The Pradeshik Puraskar badge shall he wear on the left arm in place of Guru Pad badge.

  3. Log-book, Certificate regarding 2,3,4,5,6 will be produced in Test camp

  4. Proficiency badges camp may be organized subject specialist should he/she invited

A guide can start working for Proficiency Badges at any time after investiture and continue working for them till she completes the guide age even, after gaining the President Award - Guide.

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