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What Is Scouting > In our opinion Scouting is not only a physical exercise but it is a way to uplift the soul of a human being to reach to god. It is a play way method of building a person to a perfect human being from the childhood to the time of going home of god. Once a Scout always Scout.

Origin of Scouting Guiding > originally Scout word is taken from Military. Military of every Country has Scout wing. A retired top British Military officer named Sir Robert Stephenson Smith Lord Baden Powell won famous boar war of South Africa with the assistance of boys of Military person in 1900. He wrote a book named “ Aid’s to Scouting”. It was very much liked by youth Associations in England. After wards in 1907 he wrote an important famous book “Scouting for Boy’s”. It caused the origin of Scouting in the World. After retirement he held an experimental, but successful training camp in Brown sea Island in England, from 29-07-1907 to 09-10-1907 with 22 boys. It was the beginning of Scouting for Boys.

For girls it began in 1910 under the Leadership of Lord Baden Powell’s unmarried sister Agnes Baden Powell with name of “Girl Scouting”. After 2 years when Agnes was married on the other hand Lord Baden Powell married with Miss Olave in 1912, She took charge of Girl Scouting and change its name into “Girl Guiding”. Even to say both names are running. The world Organisation is called “World Boy Scouts & Girl Guides Associations”.

Scouting in India > Scouting came in India under the banner “Boys Scouts of India” in 1909 and Girl Guiding in 1913 but they were ment only for European and Anglo Indian boys and girls.

The doors of these organizations were never opened for Indians boys and girls. There was resentment in Indians for it and 1921, when World Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell came to India, under the Leadership of Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya, a well-known leader of India, was approved and requested to open the doors for Indian boys and girls but he refused brutally. It was published in newspapers all around the World it was disclosed and due to great resentment in Indians, new Scout troops were being opened throughout India. Till 1928 about 9 troop new troops were working in the field. Even Dr. Annie Besant an English Lady working with Mahatma Gandhi ji opened a Girl Company in Madras.

In 1928 Pt Madan Mohan Malviya requested all Indian groups to come under one Banner. They agreed and a new National Association named “ HINDUSTAN SCOUTS ASSOCIATION” , came in existence and Pt Shri Ram Bajpai, who run “Sewa Samiti Scouts Group and prepared Indian literature for the same, were appointed 1st National Organising Commissioner of Hindustan Scout Association, under the Leadership of Sewa Shri Pt Madan Mohan Malviya and Pt. Hridya Nath Kunjroo, Vivian Bose, G.S. Arundale, Mohan Singh Mehta, and several other prominent figures of India.

An Extra-Ordinary Incident >1938 Lord Baden Powell, World Chief Scout again came to India and there was a grand Rally at Allahabad organised by Boy Scouts of India. Pt. Shri Ram Bajpai also attended it with a group Hindustan Scouts Association in uniform when Lord Baden Powell, as Chief Guest tried to hoist the flag, it was not opened. When English Scouts & Scouters failed to make it unfurled, Pt Shri Ram Bajpai asked his Scout to climb the pole to make it ready to be unfurled. The Hindustani Scout climbed the pole but suddenly as he reached the upper part of the pole, the pole was broken and the Scout failed down with the broken piece. He again climbed the pole with a broken piece of the pole and his Scout rope. He lashed it with the fixed piece of the pole with his Scout rope. He made the flag fit to be unfurled. He got down and saluted to Pt. Shri Ram Bajpai. Pt. Shri Ram Bajpai requested Lord Baden Powell to unfurled the flag it was ready. Lord Baden Powell hoisted the flag and praised the Indian Scout for his direful deed. In his speech, he withdrew his words spoken in 1921 for Indians and requested the Viceroy of India to recognized Hindustan Scout Association at the National level with Govt. Grant-In-Aid. He also asked the Viceroy to depute Pt. Shri Ram Bajpai to attend the Wood Badge Trg. Camp at Gilwell Park (England). He completed the Wood badge Trg. the course successfully and selected as Best Camper but he was not given The Certificate, Wood Badge Scarf, and other accessories because he refused to take OATH to be faithful to British Emperor as the Indians were fighting for Independent. The other campers praised him for his courage and invited him to visit their countries. After his dareful journey of 9 counties hi came back to India and welcomed warmly by his followers and Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malvia ji, he sacrificed his whole life for Indian Scouting. He prepared Indian Literature for Scouts, Guides, Scouters, and Guiders. He traveled throughout India and established “HINDUSTAN SCOUTS ASSOCIATION” at National Level. After Independence in 1950 the existing associations dissolved themselves and created “The Bharat Scouts & Guides”, which was registered on 06-11-1950, under S.R. Act XXI of 1860 by Registrar of Delhi State.

ORIGIN OF HINDUSTAN SCOUTS AND GUIDES:- Due to the monopoly of only one organization in the field of Scouting and Guiding there was no sufficient progress rather “The Bharat Scouts & Guides” was failed to cover even 1% of youth of India after having every kind of support of Central & State Governments. Not only this the organization of Bharat Scouts & Guides, but either Central or State Branches also indulged in high-level corruption. In 1997-98 the college students of all over India agitated on roads and gave Memorandum to the then Mahamahim Rastrapati Sh. K.R. Narayanan Ji and some M.P.’s raised questions in Parliament of India against their corruption. Zee News channel broadcasted its whole corruption in Inside story.

Mahamahim Rastapati Sh. K.R. Narayanan Ji withdrew the Chief Patronship of Bharat Scouts & Guides and stopped to sign over the Certificates of Rastrapati Scouts, Guides, Rovers, and Rangers Awards and ordered to not allow any kind of function related to Bharat Scouts & Guides in Rastrapati Bhawan. (It continued till 2008)He also suggested concerned Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India to open the doors in the field of Scouting and Guiding in India for other N.G.O.s. The then Deputy Secretary (Youth Affairs) to Govt. of India, motivated Mr. Shri Niwas Sharma, a dedicated Scout Master (since 1950) to establish a new National Scouts & Guides Association. The decision to form said parallel National Association at the time of Celebration of Swarn Jayanti All India Scout Guide Jamboree held at Sec.-10, Rohini, New Delhi, from 26-04-1998 to 30-04-1998, with the financial assistance of the then Chief Minister of Delhi Govt., Late Dr. Sahib Singh Verma

Now the new National Association took its glorious ancient name Hindustan Scouts and Guides Association and Mr. Shri Niwas Sharma put him self as Founder National Secretary and with the courtesy Late Dr. Sahib Singh Verma was put as first National President of Hindustan Scouts and Guides. It was registered under S.R. Act XXI of 1860 on 26-11-1998.

New Govt. Policy- The revised scheme of Promotion of Scouting and Guiding in India:- Was declared on 14-02-2001 vide order No. F.2-1/2000-YS-IV by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India. Under which any registered N.G.O. may use Scout and Guides as a general term and any it may be recognized as National Association if it has more then 5 State Branches and under this policy Hindustan Scouts and Guides was recognized by Govt. of India vide order No. F.20-2/99-YS-IV dated 07-03-2001. Soon it was spread all ove
r India.

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