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Requirements (Period - 3 months)

  1. Knowledge of Scouting/Guiding of Hindustan Scouts & Guides Association

  2. Hindustan Scouts & Guides Prayer and flag Song.

  3. Knowledge of Scout/Guide Law & Promise.

  4. Scout/Guide Motto, Sign, Salute, Left hand shake and Emblem.

  5. Scout/Guide Uniform and how to wear it.

  6. Know the whistle and hand signals.

  7. Know the significance of Hindustan Scouts & Guides and National Flag.

  8. Learn and sing the National Anthem, Vande Matram and Sare Jahan se Achchha…..

  9. Do a good turn for 30 days and keep the record.

  10. Exercise and Yoga

  11. Learn proper way of breathing and exercise for breathing, eyes, neck, hands and shoulders

  12. Perform any 4 Aasans- Vajrasan, Padmasan, Tadasan, Shavasan.

  13. Laughing, Smiling and Silence for one hour weekly.

  14. Life of two great men of India.

NOTE:- After completion of Praveshika the Unit Leader(Scout Master/Guide Captain) will arrange the investiture for boys/girls to become a Scout/Guide.



Rajat Sitara

  1. Work for a happy family by accepting family job that helps to relieve hard working members of your family.

  2. Develop in consultation with the Rover scout Leader/Ranger leader a taste for hobbies/vocational activities and show that you are progressing in time.

  3. Participate in group discussions of your Crea/Team adn chair at least two.

  4. Take active part in Hobbies/Handicraft centre organised by the Crew/Team.

  5. Prepare a paper/Talk on pollution education/ family life education and submit it to the Crew/Team council.

  6. Attend atleast three prayer meetings of your Crew/ Team, or Participate in a service camp for one day.

  7. Render sustained service in a pack/Flock or a troop/company or a camp site for a period of three months.

  8. Have knowledge in pioneering, camping and first Aid upto Tritiya pad Level in Scout/Guide section.

  9. Organise games for children in your mohalla/ Village/ Colony for about a month or Conduct competition for children preferably of your locality on a conservation subject.

  10. Qualify for any one of the proficiency Badges. 1. Literacy 2. Sanitation promoter 3. Blood Donor. 4. Population Education 5. World friendship


NOTE :- 
a) On completion of the test to the satisfaction of the independent examiner appointed by Z.A./ D.A/R.A. as the case may be with approval of the Distt. Trg. Commissioner. 'KUSHAL Badge' to issued on the basis of certificates issued by the examiners. 
b) KUSHAL badge is a pair of green shoulder flashes of cotton/wool with letter R in Red at bottom and a yellow bar under the letter. 
c) The badge shall be worn on shoulder straps (epaulets).




Requirements :- 

  1. Show of rights and duties of a citizen and discuss in your crew/Team council the problems involved in them.

  2. Show further progress in your hobbies and handicrafts/vocational skills or Study the books on Transaction Analysis or Participate in a group discussion on Transactional Analysis and correct yourself and your behavior with others and satisfy yourself and your unit leader. 

  3. Prepare a paper or give talk on religious tolerance or participate in any religious function other than of your own and report to the Rover/Ranger Leader or Crew./Team council. 

  4. Adopt a building/structure/place/institution of public importance and look to its upkeep for a month or observe brewing place of mosquitoes and flies and take possible steps for removal. (Rovers).Plan and work for a project at least for a month in consultation with your Ranger leader to help children/aged/disabled/sick person (for Rangers) Participate in your Crew/Team campaign to educate people in protecting public properties. 

  5. Take up any cultural subject as approved by the crew council and report. Help establish a literacy center and work for a month. or help 6 people to start saving bank accounts or work as tutor at least 5 boys/girls during their examinations.

  6.  Help in one of the following:- 
    a. Blood Donation campaign 
    b. Eye Donation campaign 
    c. AIDS awareness campaign 
    d. Population Education campaign 
    e. Immunization camps 
    f. Free Eye operation camps.

  7. Work as an Assistant in a pack/scout camp or Rally, (for Rovers) work as an assistant in a flock/Guide camp or a Zonal/Distt. Regional Rally.

  8. Qualify for Rambler's Badge or Ecologist Badge, (for Rovers)Qualify for Rural worker/community worker/Ecologist badge for Rangers.

Note :- 
a. On completion of the test to the satisfaction of independent examiners appointed by the zonal/ distt./regional Association, as the case may be, on approval of Distt. Trg. Commissioner, Daksh Badge is issued by the Z.A./Distt. A/R.A. on the basis of the certificates issued by the examiners.

b. 'DAKSH1 Badge is a pair of shoulder flashes in green of cotton or wool with letter 'R' in red at the bottom and two' yellow bars under the letter. 
c. The badge is worn in place of' KUSHAL' BADGE.




(Period 1 Year) Requirements :- 

  1. Have completed the age of 19yrs- 

  2. Select on subject connected 

  3. with world affairs, National affairs, cultural subjects Scout/ Guide craft & hobbies or handicrafts* or sports.World organisation working for the betterment of the humanity/Youth Organisations in the world/different foundation/World Bank/World Service Organisation, or National Affairs like our Government/National Development plans and scheme/National Educational Pattern/Service Organisation/cooperatives. Submit the report within the 6 months to crew council/Team council. 

  4. Discuss with your Rover/Ranger Leader how best you can help your country/community and prepare priorities. 

  5. Participate in a cross country over night Adventure hike. 

  6. Promote a community Development project on Health or Food Production or Nutrition or Environmental sanitation Programme in your locality or any other locality and show the success to the council (of Rovers/Rangers) 

  7. Lead a small contingent of Rovers/Ranger of your Crew/Team to participate in a Scout/Guide activity preferably in neighboring State or district.

  8. Render service at least for a week for a State/ National Events. 

  9. Organised a community signing program for the children in the locality. Develop Pen friendship with Rovers/Ranger of other states and prove that friendship is mutually useful. 

  10. Organised sustained 'Traffic Control' or 'Letter Chase' or' Conservation campaign in your locality for three months' or promote and participate in a joint project undertaken with any of the organisation such as :-a. Lion Club b. Rotary Club c. Indian Red cross d. St. John Ambulance Association e. Youth Hostels Association f. Jaycees 

  11. or any such organisation with permission of the crew/team council. 

  12. Qualify for any one of the proficiency badge from each group :-


Group A. 

1. Blood Donor 
2. Soil Conservation 
3. Civil Defense 
4. World Conservation 
5. Community worker 


Group B. 

1. Climber 
2. Home Nurse 
3. Healthyman 
4. Public Healthman 
5. Ambulanceman


Group C. 
1. Family life Education 
2. Yoga 
3. Personality Development 
4. Folk life 
5. Population Education.

Note :- 
President Rover/Ranger Award the highest and unique distinction in the movement. 
* As a Daksha Rover/Ranger, he/she will work atleast for one year to qualify for the President Rover/Ranger Award. 
* A Rover/Ranger is not eligible to qualify for President Rover/Ranger Award on completion of 25 years of age. 
* Rover Scout Leader/Ranger leader shall inform the N.H.Q. through proper channel on a registration form available at the State Head Quarters that Daksh Rover/Ranger is preparing for this badge. 
* On completion of the tests to the satisfaction of independent examiners appointed by Z.A./D.A./ R.A., on approval of D.T.C. Daksh Rover/Rnager will send the prescribed Performs. 
* The National Commissioner shall approve this Award on the basis of certificates of the examiners and on the recommendation of the Crew/Team Council, the concerned D.C. and the State Chief Commissioners.



The President Rover/Ranger Award Badge is worn on the left arm. 
Rover-Ranger Proficiency Badges 
1. Blood Donor 
2. Civil Defense 
3. Self Defense 
4. Community Worker 
5. Climber 
6. Folk Life 
7. Education for All 
8. Population Education 
9. Rambler 
10. Soil Conservation 
11. World Conservation 
12. World Friendship 
13. Personality Development 
14. Yoga 
15. Salesman 
16. Sanitation Promoter
17. Ecologist 
18. Family Life Education 
19. Healthy man 
20. Home Nurse 
21. Public Health man 
22. Ambulance Man 
23. Ambulance (Ranger) 
24. Crafts Man/Woman 


Note :- 
i. Rover/Ranger is eligible to qualify for Rover/Ranger Proficiency badges. 
ii. All these Proficiency badges shall be worn on the right arm in parallel rows. 
iii. All Proficiency Badges of the Rover Section shall be in red on grey background.All proficiency Badges of the Ranger Section shall be in red on white background. 
iv. On completion of the tests to the satisfaction of independent examiners appointed by Z.A./D.A./ R.A. with approval of the D.T.C. concerned. These P.Badges shall be issued on the basis of the certificates issued by the examiners.


1. On the completion of 21 years of age, Rover should take up responsibility of Adult Leadership in the movement. Taking the responsibility in Ranger Section the age will 25 years. 
2. During the Rover/ranger state the Rover/ Ranger will participate in various service projects taken up by the the Crew; However on completion of Rover/Ranger stage he/she will embark upon definite jobs of service to the community either within or outside the movement. 
3. The service project under taken by the Rover/ Ranger individually or in groups will be of sustained nature and a record of it will be maintained by the Crew/Team. 
4. Hikes, Treks and camps rules for Rover/ Ranger will be same as Scout/Guide section.

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