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The Scout Program  endorses a code of living :

A spiritual dimension: a commitment to seek the spiritual value of life beyond the material world.

A social dimension: participating in the development of society, respecting the dignity of others and the integrity of the natural world, promoting local, national and international peace, understanding and co-operation.

A personal dimension: developing a sense of personal responsibility and stimulating the desire for responsible self-expression.

One of the fundamental means of developing each boy or girl is the progressive badge system, including Advancement Badges and Interest Badges. The Advancement Badges provide the core to develop a Scout up to the level of the Top Award.

The method underlying these activities involves:

Making a personal commitment: To a simple code of living: the Scout Promise and Law.

Learning by doing: Active participation, with others.

Working in small groups: In Patrols to develop leadership, group skills, and individual responsibility.

Stimulating program: Progressive activities based on the interests of young people. Activities in contact with nature, a rich earning environment where simplicity, creativity, and discovery come together to provide adventure and challenge.

Apart from the above (on-field)

  • Adventure Activities

  • Awareness Workshops

  • Awareness Rallies

  • Plantation Program

  • Cleanliness Drive

  • Service Camps

  • Emergency Support Services in Natural Calamities

  • Blood Donation Camps

  • Village Adaptation


  1. Developing good habits.

  2. Inspiring for good character.

  3. Making the aim of good citizenship.

  4. Knowing & Expressing the skills of the Cub/Bulbul section to be a good boy/Girl.

  5. Helping his/her all-round development.

  6. Developing a sense of respect for elders, public property, Family traditions, faith in God and love for Youngsters in the family, neighbour-hood, and nature.

  7. Knowledge of his/her surroundings and culture.

  8. To do a good turn daily.

  9. Satisfy his/her needs for adventure.

  10. Developing a sense of duty.


  1. Developing his/her character to become a healthy, happy, and useful Citizen.

  2. Accept and follow the aim of good citizenship.

  3. Preparing himself/herself in Scout/Guide skills to help others.

  4. Making things useful to others.

  5. Developing the qualities of dynamic leadership.

  6. Increasing the love for nature, National resources, and adventure.

  7. Knowing about his/her National & Heritage of culture and contribute to the cause of National Integration.

  8. Be aware of his/her capacities and use them in service to the community.

  9. Accepting the challenges which contribute to his/her all-round development.

  10. Developing a sense of beauty to make the environment attractive and things in good order.


  1. Becoming an active, participating, and creative citizen.

  2. Improving skills, vocational and otherwise, to self-dependent and useful to others.

  3. Making Scouting/Guiding a way of life.

  4. Leading a refined religious life in service of man
    and God.

  5. Working for the up keeping of our National heritage and culture with love for human values.

  6. Feeling respect for himself/ herself and for others and their experience.

  7. Having a fair understanding of national and world affairs in general to make the world better.

  8. Participating with responsibilities in the developmental activities pertaining to National priorities.

  9. Developing a positive attitude, leading a happy family life, selecting a good job, making the full use of his/her Rovering/Rangering skills.

  10. Preparing himself/ herself to do his/her duty to country and develop a love for universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood i.e. Peace and goodwill among human values.

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