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Honorable Governor of Karnataka
Chief Patron, HSG Karnataka


Dr. Afshad Ahmed B.Z.

State Chairman


This is a noble cause and empathetic matter to have the service and care shown by volunteers given due chance to get represented. Their attentiveness and attachment for this organization have grown over a period of time in such a manner that people find solace and comfort in their company. The association is dedicated to the youth as the youngsters spend their precious time in camps and meet to learn and be motivated to perform. Their inquisitive nature and the association’s genuine feelings make trust even more beautiful.

Many advantages to this career are that most people enjoy the sport they are coaching or scouting so it gives them satisfaction to work in places where the sport they enjoyed is still being played.  Also, it gives people the chance to become better at something they enjoy.

we aim to provide young people and communities a positive outdoor activity, quality information, lifestyle opportunities, and to promote the principle values of citizenship for the best nation-building.

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Welcome to Hindustan Scouts and Guides Karnataka

Welcome To Hindustan Scouts & Guides

Scouting is a movement that aims to support young people in their physical, mental, and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills. During the first half of the 20th century, the movement grew to encompass three major age groups for boys (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Rover Scout) and, in 1910, a new organization, Girl Guides, was created for girls (Brownie Guide, Girl Guide, and Girl Scout, Ranger Guide). It is one of several worldwide youth organizations.

Scouts Guides Prayer

Scout Guide Prayer

Vah shakti hame do dayaanidhe,
Kartavya maarg par dat djaaye,
Par sevaa par upkaar me ham,
Nij jeevan safal banaa jaaye, 

Ham deen dukhi nibalo vikalo,
Ke sevak ban santaap hare,
Jo ho atke bhoole bhatke,
Unko taare khud tar jaaye,

Chhal dvesh dambh paakhand jhooth,
Anyaay se nisi din door rahe,
Jeevan ho shuddha saral apnaa,
Shuchi prem sudha ras barsaaye,

Nij aan maan maryaada kaa,
Prabhu dhyaan rahe abhimaan rahe,
Jis punya dhara par janm liyaa,
Balidaan usi par ho jaaye,

Vah shakti hame do dayaanidhe,
Kartavya maarg par datt jaaye,
Par sevaa par upkaar me ham,
Nij jeevan safal banaa jaa 

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